Volunteers helping a homeless man on the streets of St. Louis

Homelessness and Mental Health


Mental health resources are sorely lacking for those with homes, jobs, and insurance. For the homeless, it’s magnitudes more difficult.

Our goal at 25:35 Ministries is to deliver living essentials, support spiritual needs through prayer, and help secure resources that increase the likelihood of restoring health and well-being.

This includes connecting our mentally ill and addicted homeless friends with support systems that enable them to leave this chapter of their lives behind.

For many of these troubled souls, we are the voice of reason when their ability to think is greatly diminished.

Our relationships begin by gaining trust. Our successes are won through interpersonal relationships and prayer.

Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes, illnesses and addiction win.

We are currently working with one young woman who is a domestic violence victim and has suffered both a heart attack and a stroke.

One of our Ministry volunteers became a spiritual mentor to this woman by listening to her story, offering both sympathy and an abundance of personal encouragement, and sharing in the power of prayer.

Today, her suicidal thoughts have faded, and she is ready to get into treatment. She knows that we will be there to transport her to the facility.

She knows we will cover the one-time fee to enroll her in the program. She knows she can count on us to provide her with anything she might need while in the program.

Once she completes the program, she knows that 25:35 Ministries will help her navigate the world of government assistance, locate and furnish an apartment, and start her out with groceries.

We promise to be with our homeless friends to console, pray, encourage, smile, laugh, celebrate, and help in any way we can.

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