Logan "homeless and missing" to coming to Christ.

Logan’s Story

Found on an unsafe St. Louis corner, we met hungry, lonely, and scared 20-year-old Logan. He had been homeless for four months and was a “missing person” who managed to evade detection.

As he warmed to us, Logan began to tell us his story. Drug abuse and anger issues landed him in a program in St. Louis for troubled youth. It didn’t take.

He left home, where he lived with his mom and seven siblings, to face the stark reality of homelessness. We urged him to call his mom to tell her he was okay. He permitted us to contact ourselves and explained that he was not ready to talk to his mom or go home.

This said, he was back at home with his family within a week.

A few months later, his mother contacted us asking for help as things weren’t going well. She was concerned about Logan’s behavior. He was still jobless and hanging out with his old (drug and alcohol-abusing) friends.

We suggested a well-regarded recovery program called Teen Challenge – a Christian-based residential program. Because Logan’s family was very poor, there was no fee. By the end of the referral day, he was accepted into the program. He was safe.

Despite some ups and downs, Logan’s mother tells us he is doing well and anticipates graduation in seven months. There are no absolutes in this world, and Logan faces innumerable challenges ahead, but he has been given another opportunity to restart his life. We hope he takes it.

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