Johnny’s Story

For five years, sixty-five-year-old Johnny lived under a busy city bridge along with two other unhoused souls. He was the caregiver to the trio, a father figure to his fellow homeless men.

Johnny took pride in his appearance – always clean, neat, and shaven. Each day, he washed to his low-paying job as a dishwasher and busboy. He was homeless because he simply could not make ends meet.

On our weekly visits, the Ministry provided Johnny food and clothing he needed, but he seldom accepted much. But he always looked forward to our prayer time together.

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We encouraged Johnny To accept our help and find housing. When his two fellow bridge dwellers tragically lost their lives, he was ready to explore housing and reintegrate into a more normal life.

Our ministry helped Johnny with his apartment search and application process. He was eligible for low-income housing and found the perfect apartment close to his job. Our ministry paid =his upfront rent, which he promptly repaid.

Johnny still needed the trappings that would make his apartment home. We provided him with furniture, a microwave, a TV, and more (thanks to our many wonderful donors.) We also took him to Walmart so he could get food and necessities to stock his kitchen and bathroom.

Life today for Johnny is quite different. When asked how he feels about having his own place, he explains:

“It’s so nice to lay my head down at night and sleep peacefully. I shower every day now. I am so thankful for this new life.”


Johnny is now self-sufficient and helps a fellow ministry on Saturdays to pay it forward by telling his story and helping the homeless in St. Louis

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